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Rockets vs. L.A. Lakers

(Series tied 3-3)

Gm. 1: Houston 100 L.A. Lakers 92

Gm. 2: L.A. Lakers 111 Houston 98

Gm. 3: L.A. Lakers 108 Houston 94

Gm. 4: Houston 99 L.A. Lakers 87

Gm. 5: L.A. Lakers 18 Houston 78

Gm. 6: Houston 95 L.A. Lakers 80

Gm. 7: At L.A. Lakers 2:30 Sun.

Dallas vs. Denver

(Nuggets win series 4-1)

Gm. 1: Denver 109 Dallas 95

Gm. 2: Denver 117 Dallas 105

Gm. 3: Denver 106 Dallas 105

Gm. 4: Dallas 119 Denver 117

Gm. 5: Denver 124 Dallas 110



Cleveland vs. Atlanta

(Cavaliers win series 4-0)

Gm. 1: Cleveland 99 Atlanta 72

Gm. 2: Cleveland 105 Atlanta 85

Gm. 3: Cleveland 97 Atlanta 82

Gm. 4: Cleveland 84 Atlanta 74

Boston vs. Orlando

(Series tied 3-3)

Gm. 1: Orlando 95 Boston 90

Gm. 2: Boston 112 Orlando 94

Gm. 3: Orlando 112 Boston 96

Gm. 4: Boston 95 Orlando 94

Gm. 5: Boston 92 Orlando 88

Gm. 6: Orlando 83 Boston 75

Gm. 7: At Boston 7 Sun.

Record audience

ESPN's broadcast of Game 6 was seen by an average audience of 5.3 million households and a total audience of 7.3 million viewers, a record for an NBA game on ESPN.

The old record was 4.99 million households and 6.6 million total viewers for Game 6 of the 2006 Eastern Conference finals between the Heat and Pistons. It was ESPN's highest-rated and most-viewed program this year, beating the mark set by Rockets -Lakers Game 3.

In Houston, the game had a 16.0 Nielsen household rating on ESPN for an average audience of 336,993 households. ESPN said the 16.0 rating was its highest for an NBA game.

Jump the gun

The Los Angeles Lakers took the unusual step of putting tickets to the Western Conference finals on sale Friday, two days before the final game of the Western Conference semifinals against the Rockets .

Though the series will start Tuesday in Los Angeles if the Lakers win Sunday and in Denver if the Rockets advance, it is rare to sell tickets to a series while playing in another series.

It is considered unheard of for an organization that does not need the playoff tickets as an incentive to put deposits on future season-ticket packages.

The Lakers sell out every game and have the top gate in the NBA.

"That's called proactive marketing," Rockets forward Shane Battier said. "Any good marketing manager would tell you to do it, right? I don't really care what the marketing department of the Lakers has to say."

Trial by fire

Ron Artest said the Rockets are playoff-tested after surviving a close opening-round series against the Trail Blazers.

Three of the games were tightly contested, with the Rockets pulling out 86-83 and 89-88 victories.

"We know it's going to be tough," Artest said. "Every game has been tough in the playoffs. In many respects, Portland got us ready for a Game 7 like this."

Ice capades

Guard Aaron Brooks raised eyebrows when he showed up for Friday's news conference with an ice pack on his left hand.

Brooks downplayed that anything was wrong and playfully avoided answering questions.

"I just like to eat the ice later," Brooks said.

Series tied 3-3

Gm. Result Top scorer Top rebounder

1 Rockets 100, Lakers 92 Bryant 32 Gasol 13

2 Lakers 111, Rockets 98 Bryant 40 Gasol 14

3 Lakers 108, Rockets 94 Bryant 33 Yao 14

4 Rockets 99, Lakers 87 Brooks 34 Scola 14

5 Lakers 118, Rockets 78 Bryant 26 Gasol, Scola 13

6 Rockets 95, Lakers 80 Bryant 32 Odom 14

Gm. When/where TV Radio

7 2:30 Sun., Los Angeles ABC 610 AM, 850 AM (Spanish)

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