News » Griffin head and shoulders above other prospects

Griffin head and shoulders above other prospects

Griffin head and shoulders above other prospects
The NBA's draft lottery, better known this year as the "Blake Griffin Sweepstakes," is Tuesday night at 8:30 ET before the Lakers-Nuggets game. In the past two drafts, it wasn't a huge letdown if you didn't win the lottery because each year the consolation prize, Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley, was a solid alternative. That's not the case this year.

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Then, there's the other end of the ball. First of all, he's a great shot-blocker. He's very aggressive and has great timing, but he also knows when he can go get a shot and when he can't. In that respect, he's a good position defender. You don't see many shot-blockers taking charges, but if you watched the previous video, you know he does that. He's quick enough to guard threes, and big and strong enough to guard fours. Think Kenyon Martin. It's not surprising that, out of the 10 worst defensive teams in the NBA this year, nine will have representatives with their fingers crossed in Secaucus. Griffin will instantly make whichever team gets him better defensively.

Finally, Griffin has everything you'd want in a franchise player in terms of his attitude. He plays hard every single night, a quality that would be especially valuable in the L.A. Clippers' locker room. He never takes a play off, let alone entire games. He is also the consummate teammate. When he had to sit out with a concussion, it didn't prevent him from jumping around and supporting his teammates as best he could from the sideline. The kid simply wants to win.

In these economic times, he would be a huge lift to any lottery team, because he will put fans in the seats. He's got the type of game and heart that fans value in their players, and he'll be a hit no matter what city he ends up in.

He'd give Sacramento the franchise big man it's lacked since Chris Webber left town. It's no coincidence that the Kings haven't been good since then.

He'd make the Washington Wizards significant players in the 2010 Eastern Conference playoff picture.

He'd make the Clippers relevant, and he'd give Thunder fans a hometown hero to root for.

He'd give Minnesota another stud on the block, and he'd team with Rudy Gay and Marc Gasol to give Memphis a deadly frontcourt going forward. He'd be the perfect big man for Nellie's small-ball, and he'd give Knicks' fans something they haven't had since the '90s: hope.

There are lottery teams with more pressing needs than a PF, but there is no team in the lottery that doesn't need Blake Griffin. He's the only player in this draft that's a surefire franchise-changing talent. That's why tanking for the Blake Griffin Sweepstakes started so early this past season, and that's why I'll be kneeling in front of my television tomorrow night, saying a prayer or two in my Knicks jersey.

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